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Ultimate Dinning Experience

Chaai Khana is a mixture of traditional and non-traditional foods and beverages located in the heart of London Ilford which is one of “Today's Boomtowns” in England. We warmly welcome you to a splendid place where the real beauty and taste of food come with enthusiasm not by formal recipes. We offer standardized food and beverages admissible for all age groups.
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Are you looking for Chaai khana special; something which is essential and heart touching? It is all about refreshing our moods, the real refreshment 24/7 is tea, which is more than just a beverage and thirst quencher. We are offering a quality and friendly environment to help you calm your mood and boost your energies by serving a true relaxant the Tea, light or strong whichever you like the most.

Chaai Khana offers a variety of tea brands from around the world to please our customers and delivers them the unique and delightful taste to satisfy their desires. Family and friend’s visitation to our outstanding developed atmosphere bring peace of mind and delivers the most relaxing experience only by offering a hot cup of tea. We can turn our place into a hot business spot where you can grasp the meeting agendas and findings for a quick cup of tea.

To close to the Chaai Khana does not mean we are only the tea specialists. We have talented chefs from around the world who have expertise to satisfy the crazy food lovers addicted of hot and spicy foods. Indio-Pak traditional meals, Kuri lovers, chicken karahi, Murgh-e-Musalam, tikka etc. these all come with great desires of fulfilling our crazy appetites. Come forward and have the taste of true refreshing meals because we know that taste is a complex and deeply emotional issue for every food lover.

Our state of the art service is our pride which comes with dedicated and efficient teamwork. Our passionate and highly motivational staff serves on the modest and caring principles which means they greet you and serve you till your last bite. Chaai Khana interior and exterior is designed with the true colours of life to entertain our guests with astonishing graphical art works, sceneries, captions and above all the lightning effects.