The Menu

Roadside Plates

Chicken Lollipops

Moreish Keralan spiced chicken wings

Puri Yoghurt Bombs (D) (V)

Everyone’s favourite cold Indian snack! Crispy Puri with potato, yoghurt, & tamarind

The Pakora Platter (VE) (GF)

Assorted deep fried vegetables in batter

Golgappa (VE)

Popular cold chaat puri from Mumbai with potatoes, chickpeas, & tamarind

Chaai Khana Samosas (V)

Spicy pea & potato pastry

Bengali Fish Cakes (GF)

Rustic handmade railway station patties with mint chutney

Dahi Kachori (D) (V)

Our board of specials evolves on a daily basis according to what is sourced at the fish market that morning.

Hakka Chilli Noodles

Fiery Kolkata Indo-Chinese chow mein style dish


Mouthwatering crispy puri filled with a number of stuffings, chilled yoghurt and chutneys

Channa Puri (VE)

Chickpeas served with deep fried flat bread, a very popular street dish

Chicken 69

Deep fried chicken strips, an Indo-Chinese delicacy

Samosa Chaat (V) (D)

Chickpeas & samosa doused with mild yoghurt, tamarind & mint chutney

Majestica Prawn (N) (D) (S)

King prawn in the shell slow cooked in a garlic tomato butter sauce


Chaai Khana Street Curries

Butter Paneer (V) (N) (GF) (D)

Chunks of paneer cooked in a creamy buttery sauce with ground almonds

Bombay Chilli Chicken (S)

Hot spicy chicken cooked in herbs, chillies & tempered with garlic

Sag Paneer (V) (GF) (D)

Spinach cooked with home-made cottage cheese cubes

Butter Chicken (N) (D) (GF)

Creamy chicken dish cooked in buttery sauce with almonds

Tarka Dhal (V) (GF) (D) (M)

Flavourful yellow & black lentil curry

The Chicken Korma (N) (D)

Succulent chicken pieces delicately flavoured in a silky coconut sauce

Baby Aubergine & Potato (GF) (VE)

Slices of aubergine and potato cooked in tomato with cumin & garam masala

Ginger Garlic Chicken (D) (S)

Tomato garlic chicken pieces cooked in a rich gingery sauce

Aloo Gobi (VE) (GF)

Baby potato & cauliflower curry with North Indian tomato gravy

Chaai Khana Wallah Staff Curry (S)

On the bone roadside chicken curry for the Chaai Khana drivers

Daal Makhni (V) (D) (GF)

Signature black lentil curry cooked for 24 hours with kidney beans

Lamb Lasooni (S)

Chef’s favourite! Our speciality lamb diced and cooked with whole cloves of garlic

Pau Bhaji (V) (D)

Classic street food dish, mashed potatoes & peas served with buttered pau bun

Railway Station Lamb Curry (D) (S)

On the bone lamb curry cooked with freshly chopped spinach

Raste Ke Biryani (D) | Swap To Lamb For An Extra | (£1.00)

On the bone chicken biryani, just the way you would find it by the roadside!

Lamb Kolhapuri (S)

Slow cooked spiced lamb cooked with coriander, chilli & hint of black pepper


Tandoor Kitchen

Chicken Tikka (GF) (D)

Marinated diced chicken breast grilled in the tandoor

Lamb Chops (GF) (D) (S)

Marinated overnight in fresh herbs

Seekh Kebabs (GF) (S)

Skewered lamb mince slowly cooked in the tandoor

Mixed Grill (GF) (D)

Feeling super hungry? Fiery mixed tandoor grill with your favourite meats!



Classic Naan (D)
Chips | Masala Chips (VE) (GF)
£1.95 | £2.50
Keema Naan (D)
Cheese Naan (D)
Tandoori Roti (VE)
Peshwari Naan (D)
Raita (D) (V)
Pilau Rice (VE)
Garlic Naan (D)
Steamed Rice (VE) (GF)
Chapati (VE)
Chaai Khana Salad (GF) (VE)
Chaai Khana Chutneys


Dessert of The Day

Please ask your server for details

Gulab Jamun & Ice Cream (D)

Warm milk dumplings, pistachio and cardamom syrup

Kulfi Pop (N)

Almond, Pistachio or Mango

Ice Gola (V)

Ask for flavour of the day

Thums Up Ice Cream Float (D)

Cola of Bombay with ice cream



Lassis – Glass £3 / Jug £8

An Indian take on a smoothie – a blended yoghurt drink served ice-cold and in a choice of fruity flavours. A perfect way to get things started.
Flavours Available: Mango, Salted, Lychee, Coconut, Sweet

Nimbu Pani

Homemade fresh lime juice


Fizzy fresh lemon drink with our very own spices

Mint Mambo

Fresh mint with squeeze lime and ice

Thums Up Ice-Cream Float

Cola of Bombay & Ice Cream

Thums Up | Masala Thums Up

The cola of Bombay 330ml

£2.90 | £2.95

Fizzy Indian Lemonade Drink 330ml

Coke | Diet Coke | Irn Bru


Ginger Ale
Still / Sparkling Water
Guest Non-alcoholic Beer
Bon Accord Rhubarb
Chaai Khana Masala Chai
Fresh Mint Tea
English Breakfast Assam
Coffee | Cappuccino | Mocha
Espresso Single / Double
£2.00 | £2.50
Hot Chocolate